Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency of the United States just has to be the most technically advanced one ever as they showed at the way home to all the other candidates through their use of the Internet; utilising told me superb communications systems to allow fieldworkers to contact and work together easily and efficiently but also making full use of social media and networking sites to put their message across to the nation.

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There is more to running a successful campaign however than electronic communications; the human touch is probably the most vital part of the whole body politic and in this respect Obama's team was not backwards either. The precinct captains system left an individual in charge in each region whose responsibility was to ensure that the most basic foot slogging functions were carried out to ensure that not only were people persuaded to vote for Obama but also actually did so! For example; there was no point whatsoever in persuading an individual that Obama was the candidate to vote for if that individual was not even on the voting register. Precinct captains were responsible for ensuring that these people were in fact given every possible help to ensure that they were made were aware of their voting rights, given all possible information about how to register as well as all necessary assistance and encouragement to do so. To help people make up their minds about who to vote for the captain needed to ensure that all the literature that was to be provided actually reached those for whom it was intended; and finally where necessary people were given all the assistance they needed to cast their vote, either by assisting them to register for postal votes to actually provide transport to the booths. Obama's victory then was the product of a superb organisation and hard work by innumerable unsung heroes.

It only remains now to be seen whether or not Barack Obama is able to convert his assurances into reality.

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I would not be in the United States Senate had it not been for the efforts and courage of so many parents and grandparents and ordinary people who were willing to reach up and bend that arc in the direction of justice. I hope we continue to see that spirit live on, not just during this debate, but throughout all our work here in the Senate.